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Bury in the UK

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?Photographed by Hu Jinzhong

The friendship between Bury and Datong can be dated back to the 1980s. Bury is located in Greater Manchester which is the communication hub of northwest England and historically a centre for locomotive building. The steam preservation railway operated in Bury by the East Lancashire Railway attracts tourists from all over the world. Datong Steam Locomotive Works was established in 1954. It used to be the largest locomotive production base in Asian and also one of the last locomotive works to stop production in the world. In 1991, Steam locomotive lovers from the East Lancashire Railway were invited to attend the Third China Datong International Locomotive Festival. Since then Datong and Bury began a friendship and in 2003 Datong and Bury were officially established as international twin cities. Frequent exchanges in the fields of local government, education, culture and sports have taken place between the two cities. In 2010, Datong and Bury were awarded the 'Exchange and Cooperation Award of International Twin City' by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC).

Chinese Edited and English Translated by Datong Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

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????大同和英国贝利的友好往来始于上世纪80年代。英国贝利市位于英国曼彻斯特大区,是英国西北部的交通枢纽,也是蒸汽机车的故乡。位于贝利市的东兰克夏郡铁路协会开展的蒸汽机车旅游项目吸引了世界各国游客来贝利市观光。始建于1954年的大同机车厂曾经是亚洲最大的蒸汽机车研制基地,也是世界上最后大批量制造蒸汽机车的厂家之一。1991年,来自贝利市东兰克夏郡铁路协会的蒸汽机车爱好者应邀参加了第三届中国大同国际蒸汽机车节,由此开始了两市的友好往来。2003年两市正式建立友好城市关系。两市在代表团互访,教育、文化、体育等领域进行了交流和往来。2010年,亚博体育 不靠谱和贝利市双双被中国人民对外友好协会授予国际友好城市交流合作奖

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