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Xinrong District

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Xinrong District

Xinrong District was established in 1970, it is one of the last established among the counties and districts of Datong. Located on the northern boundary of Shanxi Province, Xingrong District, Fengzhen City and Liangcheng City of The Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region as neighbours. The famous historical and cultural relics within Xinrong District are Taixuan Taoist Temple, built on the Hongshi Cliff (Red Cliff) and reputed as the 'Second Hanging Temple in Datong', Yonggu Royal Mausoleum on Fangshan Mountain, the mausoleum of Empress Feng (442-490) of the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534) and the Great Wall and ancient fortresses typically Desheng Fortress. Located in the east of Xinrong District, the summit of Cailiang Mountain is 2,144.6 meters above sea level which makes it the highest mountain of Datong City. The unique geographical location and climate give the coarse grains grown here an advantage on the market, thus it is reputed as a 'Treasure House of Coarse Grains' by agricultural experts.

Taixuan Taoist Temple, Hongshi Cliff



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To the south of Cailiang Mountain, Hongshi Cliff (Red Cliff) is located in the northeast of Huayuantun Village in Xinrong District. Its name is derived from the red quartzite cliff after the rain. Facing a deep valley with rocks hanging overhead, Taixuan Taoist Temple is built on the precipitous cliff of Hongshi Cliff which makes the temple look like jade clinging perilously halfway up the cliff, thus it has a reputation as the ‘second Hanging Temple in Datong'. ?

Cailiang Mountain


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Cailiang Mountain is located to the east of Xingrong District. The summit of Cailiang Mountain is 2,144.6 meters high above sea level which makes it the highest mountain of Datong city. As a natural barrier to the northeast of the city, Cailiang Mountain has steep ridges and splendid peaks together with oddly-shaped rocks and forests, which constitutes a beautiful landscape. The annual average temperature of Cailiang Mountain is 6.7 ℃. The climate of the mountain is cool in summer and cold in winter, thus make it a popular destination as summer resort in Datong.

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采凉山位于新荣区东部,其主峰高达2144.6米,是亚博体育 不靠谱近郊最高的山峰。采凉山山势雄伟,奇峰兀立,重峦叠嶂,绝壁险道,是大同东北部的重要屏障。采凉山年平均气温为6.7℃左右,以夏季凉爽和冬季积雪着名,是亚博体育 不靠谱近郊理想的休闲避暑之地。

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